The Mud Loads Concrete Ready Mix story.

Mud Loads - How it all began!

Mud Loads Concrete Ready Mix grew out of a need in our community and a desire to serve. 

As contractors, we saw the ever growing frustration on our customers’ faces when they could not get the concrete ready mix materials needed to complete their projects.  We wanted to help, and resolved to find a way to service their needs. We recognized there is a big issue for homeowners to get access to ready mix concrete. The large concrete ready mix companies were busy pouring hundreds of yards of concrete daily, and no one was willing to deliver “short loads” of concrete to the small guys who needed less than 5 cubic yards. We saw D.I.Y.’ers  getting stalled by being told thier job was too small, or that they would need to wait weeks to get on the concrete delivery schedule. We love the American dream and seeing people become self-sufficient.  But getting concrete was becoming a major hassle for the homeowners, small contractors, handymen, and small repair guys.  We also found ourselves without concrete on our own “small” jobs.  We knew if we have been purchasing concrete from the “big” guys for decades and can’t get a small delivery, then the homeowners were in dire straits.  We looked and looked and finally were blessed with an opportunity that we could not pass up.  It was then that Mud Loads Concrete Ready Mix of Florida started operations.  Our goal is to strive to do our best to service Central Florida and service the SHORT LOADS the small guys need!  We don’t want to just deliver concrete, we want to do it to the best of our abilities.  

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